In the meanwhile

I need a break. In the wake of Dorothy Dunnett this implies:

  • Prose which I can read at my normal reading speed
  • Plot which does not turn and twist on itself
  • Villains who are not creepily scary
  • Characters who have not had a classical education
  • A completely and thoroughly contemporary setting (I cannot bring myself to read anything historical for a while)

In other words a reading experience which is soothing and comforting and is absolutely the opposite of the all-consuming Lymond Chronicles. I feel like a diver who has surfaced after a particularly intense dive and is gasping for breath.

I am looking forward to reading Miss Dunnett’s Niccolo series but will have to build the stamina for plunging into her world again – something which I do not think will happen before the beginning of the next year.

For my immediate consumption I have lined up:

  • 2 Carla Kelly romances – one of my favourite comfort-read authors
  • Sarah Addison Allen – The Girl Who Chased the Moon
  • Jo Walton – Among Others

Next I want to try the Persephone books which I’ve come across a lot on other book blogs.

If anybody reading this has any reccommendations for comfort reading, do give me a shout out!

One thought on “In the meanwhile

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