The Hunger Games

Just finished Hunger Games.  What a book – sucked me right in!

Katniss is a brutally honest character who annoyed me a lot. She knows how to survive. Peeta (the second central character) is her antithesis of sorts. The description of the District and the Capitol gives them a character of their own and I’m guessing are an important tool in the author’s hand for setting up the overall theme of the books.

my takeaway from book 1: the ease with which one allows oneself to see only what is being shown. the ease with which one can become desensitized to what goes around one’s immediate circle. the power inherent in desperation. the tyranny of absolute control.

Overall, a very well-written book with a plot which sets its hooks into you right from the start and characters who are fleshed out very well. Can’t wait to dig into the 2nd book.