Middlemarch Readalong: Holler Time!

We have another nine days to go before the official end of Part One but I thought I’d holler and ask how everyone’s doing!

I’m up to about 60 pages right now and can’t help but feel a little sorry for Dorothea. I do love how Eliot manages to make her both likable and unlikable at the same time.

I also remembered that it was Zadie Smith’s essay on Middlemarch in Changing My Mind that convinced me that I need to read this! I’ll probably revisit that essay later on.

What made you want to read Middlemarch? I’d love to know!

By the way, when Casaubon says:

But I have discerned in you an elevation of thought and a capability of devotedness, which I had hitherto not conceived to be compatible either with the early bloom of youth or with those graces of sex that may be said at once to win and to confer distinction when combined, as they notably are in you, with the mental qualities above indicated.

What does he mean by “those graces of sex?” Is he referring to Dorothea’s beauty? What a prosy!

(Also, Causabon causes Word to put the wiggly red line underneath it, signaling a potential wrong spelling, but Casaubon doesn’t! Go figure!)

A bit of trivia to end with: Eliot started writing late in her life, and published Adam Bede only when she was 40. I kind of love that.

Middlemarch Readalong: Part One

Maybe you’re an Eliot fan and have been wanting to re-read Middlemarch? Or perhaps, you’re just someone who wants to see what the fuss is all about? Come, join us! We begin our Middlemarch readalong today!

For the next two weeks, we’ll be focusing on Part One of Eliot’s magnum opus. You can find the rest of the schedule here.

Two weeks to read, enjoy, and think about Miss Dorothea Brooke! Once you’re done, tell us what you think about what you’ve read so far and leave a comment on this post with a link back to your blog.

Happy Reading!

Oh, and you can use this guide as a way to get yourself thinking about what you’ve read in Part One.

Middlemarch Readalong

I have been wanting to read Middlemarch for some time now. And since it’s a doorstopper I thought it would be much more enjoyable if I did it with others who want to read it too! And so behold a Middlemarch Readalong or #MiddlemarchAlong! (or should we go with #MarchAlong?)

I have never participated in a readalong before or been the originator of one so I’m really not sure what my hostly duties are. I’ll probably learn as I go along!

Here’s the stuff you need to know in case you’re interested in joining me or https://bigreadinglife.wordpress.com or http://bluecastleconsiderations.com or https://louloureads.wordpress.com . . .

Middlemarch is divided into eight sections with essentially 100 pages to each section. We’ll be spending two weeks on each section at the end of which everyone who’s joining in can will post thoughts about that particular section up on their blogs. Two weeks is going to extend this readalong to FOUR MONTHS (!) I know (!!) but I’d rather have this stretched out than feel rushed. Especially since one of my main intentions with this thing is to actually ENJOY reading and thinking about Middlemarch! (And also because I need a way to be able to wedge in other books too!)

Other than that there are no rules really. At the beginning of each period I will put up a place-holder kind of post with the linky thing that allows everyone who’s participating to share their blog links—Oh wait, I think this post is going to have one too so if you’re joining in please do click on it and link up (and leave a comment)!

I haven’t really thought about social-media-ing this thing (I’m still having a hashtag though!) but we’ll see how it goes.

That’s about it. I think. Feel free to jump in with your thoughts or suggestions!

Oh, a guide that you can use to marshal your thoughts thanks to Rohan Maitzen of Novel Readings: https://middlemarchforbookclubs.wordpress.com.

We start on March 15th.


March 15 – March 31 Prelude & Book One: Miss Brooke
April 1 – April 15 Book Two: Old and Young
April 16 – April 30 Book Three: Waiting for Death
May 1 – May 15 Book Four: Three Love Problems
May 16 – May 31 Book Five: The Dead Hand
June 1 – June 15 Book Six: The Widow and the Wife
June 16 – June 30 Book Seven: Two Temptations
July 1 – July 15 Book Eight: Sunset and Sunrise & Finale