Phoebe and Her Unicorn (A Heavenly Nostrils Chronicle) by Dana Simpson

I’m not sure how to talk sensibly or intelligently about Phoebe and Her Unicorn (A Heavenly Nostrils Chronicle). How about if I say that I want to put it in the hands of all the little girls and the little boys that I know?

The introduction to Phoebe and Her Unicorn compares it to Calvin and Hobbes and I say Yes! to that. BUT Dana Simpson’s comic is also very much its own animal. (HAHAHA. Its own animal—get it?) Phoebe finds Marigold Heavenly Nostrils while skipping a stone in a pond. When granted a wish by Marigold, she wishes for Marigold to be her best friend.

Marigold is a superior sort of being (some people may call her vain but that’s just being uncouth). She’s magnificent at squashing any and all of Phoebe’s schemes that venture into pretentiousness and the I’m-getting-too-big-for-my-britches territory.

marigold roasting phoebe phoebe and her unicorn

Phoebe is no less of a match for this “heavenly” creature, quick and sure-footed as she is at taking Marigold down a peg or two.

phoebe taking marigold a peg down phoebe and her unicorn

Human and Unicorn have the usual adventures—from pillow fighting to fighting crime as Claustrophoebea, the Super Hero and Pointyhead, the Super Villain—and through it all they continue to roast each other in the best of manners in much the same fashion as all other budding best friends’ duos have through history!

roast phoebe and her unicorn

Exuberance is the word I want to use for this book. It truly does sparkle (even though its Unicorn doesn’t). That’s partly due to the artwork especially Phoebe whose face expresses each emotion with such wholeheartedness and facility that the character just leaps off the page and jumps straight into your heart.

And partly it’s because of Phoebe’s delightful weirdness, and Marigold’s unshakeable conviction in her own splendor. The duo are the perfect foil for each other and together strike the right balance.

perfect foil phoebe and her unicorn

I just love how the humor in this book is all sorts of funny without resorting to any kind of meanness.

umm phoebe and her unicorn

My very first comic book/graphic novel as an adult and it couldn’t have been more perfect!