In which I talk about “Gilmore Girls”

I am back! I am back! I am back a little later than I anticipated and for that I lay the blame fairly and squarely on “Gilmore Girls” and Netflix. You see I finally decided to see what the brouhaha was all about and started watching this beloved series sometime last summer. There I was, happily plodding along, being a normal person, doing things other than spending all my free time watching the show when along comes Netflix and drops the bombshell that it is reviving “Gilmore Girls” for a 90-minute 4-part miniseries with the original creators at the fore!

What?! When would the series be aired? Would it continue from where it left off? When would it air?! Would all the original characters be back? And so I speeded up on my watching a little bit. Ok, a lot. So that by the time we came back from our holiday the only thing on my mind (well not the only thing on my mind, I did read a few books, some of which are amazing and I am going to have to write about) was to zoom through as much of “Gilmore Girls” as I could, as fastly-fastly as I could!

My books look sad. can books look sadAnd so I did. And now I’m done. Sigh.

I keep thinking about the very last shot and how perfect it was! And how great moms are. (I grew up in a definitely not as crazy as Stars Hollow small town in India as the daughter of a single mom who I’ve come to realize over the years brought me up in ways that are actually not the norm you know? I mean she was the first person to know about all the vicissitudes of my heart before anyone else).

Anyway, there have been times when I have been REALLY irritated by Lorelai, and Kirk, and Rory, and Emily, and Paris, and Jess (oh my god! Why is that whole bad boy persona considered so attractive? I wanted to slap him more times than I could count! Ugh), and definitely Dean, and Luke, and did I miss out on anyone? No? Good. That’s the thing—I realize I feel so personally about this show and the characters in it! I mean I binge-watched the series for heaven’s sake! I don’t even LIKE binge-watching! (My husband was majorly surprised at how steadily I was going through this show).

But this show—it got to me. The relationships that it explores (and really relationships are at the front and center of this show—between mothers and daughters, boyfriends and girlfriends, girlfriends and girlfriends (both the normal type and the crazy type), and also identity and how much of it stems from the places you grow up in or call home) are complex and nuanced. There are ups and down and each character has to work through their relationship with each other.

This is a really good show. Its side characters are quirky (or weird depending on your view), and pretty much what small town people are like (not in terms of their weirdness—well maybe in terms of their weirdness?—but more so in terms of how the same thing that makes them helpful and loveable is also the thing that makes them annoying and irritating—or is that true for everyone one knows?). It also has the zaniest and the most crackling dialogues I’ve ever come across even though 99% of the popular cultural references went over my head. Also, the fastest talking characters I’ve ever come across. It’s a marvel to behold them speak for a whole minute without pausing in between.

Lorelai Gilmore My Babbling Capabilities are infinite gifThe thing that amazes me is that this is a show which is almost 10 years old—15 if you think of its first season—but that fact did not in any way mar my enjoyment of the show. I can totally see why it has garnered so many fans over the years! I can’t wait to see what they do in the mini-series! (Btw, is anyone watching the X-Files revival? I loved the third episode!)

I have to say my favorite character is Emily Gilmore. Lorelai is too irritating, Rory is too nice, Paris is too crazy—leaving Emily as the only other female lead left. For some reason I just can’t think of Sookie as one of the leads. She’s too normal compared to the rest of them! Sorry Melissa McCarthy!

Now don’t shoot me for it but I always felt that Lorelai was just so much more impatient with Emily than with anyone else in her life. And yes, she had reasons for it but I always felt that she could have cut Emily a little more slack than she did. I was touched at the little things that showed how MUCH Emily feels for her daughter even though her ways of expressing those feelings were a head-scratcher most of the times. That she doesn’t understand or really want to understand her daughter’s choices don’t help the matter either (I’ll always remember what she tells Mia about daughters who run away—that bit of line provides such a clear insight into the kind of person she is). Though I have to say that she and Richard wanting to buy a house for Luke and Lorelai does seem to signal something in the right direction. Right?

Another sigh.

Yep, I had to get all of that out before I could tell you about what’s going to be one of my favorite reads for 2016, Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer.

Ok, back later!

P.S. Is there a Mr. Kim? I never could figure out if Lane’s father is alive, dead, or just simply absent from screen the entire time the show ran!