Slice of Life: It’s Just An Omelet. Not!

Two eggs whisked together (that go in last I might add), a handful of baby spinach, some mushrooms (that go in first), some cheddar cheese, and voila, you’ve got yourself a yummy omelet! Now the trick to a tasty omelet (that is if you’re me at any rate), is to cook it at a low heat and to cover it with something so that the top gets steamed! No covering, and it takes forever to cook. Crank up the heat, and the omelet becomes too eggy.

Yes, there is a thing such as an omelet becoming too eggy.

See, I’d never really been fond of omelets till my aunt taught me to cover it up while cooking. Till that time, I’d only ever eaten the well-done omelets, especially the way it’s done at my in-law’s place—which is in vegetable oil, and really, really well done.

Cooking eggs in oil is a no-no for me. Cooking it in oil just accentuates the eggy smell, and much as I enjoy eggs, I DO not enjoy an overdose of that eggy smell. Which by the way is why I cannot stand quiches. Or cakes which call for 6-7 eggs. Ugh. That’s like all eggs and no cake!

The best way to cook eggs, if you ask me, is to make it in butter. Same goes for mushrooms. If like me you can’t stand the smell that mushrooms emit (especially ones that are past the super-fresh stage), try sautéing them in butter. Or better still ghee. Ghee! Ghee my friends makes everything tasty. As does frying. Or parmesan cheese.

But back to omelets!

I admit it’s been a while since omelets have been on the menu at chez Juhi but they’re making a comeback! For suddenly, I’ve lost the appetite for boiled eggs, and instead feel myself salivating over cheesy, laden with vegetables, slightly crisp on the underside, and totally fluffy on the top, omelets!

Note: I was inspired to write this by the Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. (And by omelets).

14 thoughts on “Slice of Life: It’s Just An Omelet. Not!

  1. I may need to try covering my eggs. I cook a lot of scrambled ones for my family. It was enjoyable reading your cooking and thought process and happy slicing!


  2. Your descriptions had me salivating for an omelette (and I’m not usually an omelette type of gal)! I truly enjoyed reading this! And I learned what ghee is (I’ll admit I had to google it). Thank you for sharing!


  3. ‘Ghee my friends makes everything tasty. As does frying. Or parmesan cheese.’
    This is going on some sort of sampler. Because it is a truth. A deep unassailable truth.

    Also: ditto on quiches (erk) and on overly eggy cakes (*shudder*)

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  4. So I’m a very bad cook, but for reasons I have never fully understood, I’m an omelet savant. I made omelets pretty much perfectly the first time, and I continue to be able to make them perfectly. I don’t understand how it happened. It was magic, Juhi. Don’t tell people; they will grow to have expectations of my cooking that will be totally unrealistic in all other cases.

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  5. Eggs in butter, all the way. I’m pretty good at scrambled eggs, but it’s been a long time since I’ve tried an omelet! By the way, I’m awful at spelling omelet. I always want to add more t’s and an extra e. 🙂 What a fun post!

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