Middlemarch Readalong: Onto Part Two!

So what are you looking forward to the most in Book 2? I for one want to know more about Mary Garth! And how the Dorothea-Casaubon relationship is unfolding. With maybe a little bit of Mrs. Cadwallader thrown in!

There’s time till April 15 to finish book 2, so if you haven’t begun so far but want to join in, you should have plenty of time to catch up!

I thought I’ll end with some of the new-to-me words that I came across in Book 1. Were there any new-to-you words that caught your fancy?

to make “blazonry or clock-face” of a thing

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4 thoughts on “Middlemarch Readalong: Onto Part Two!

  1. Doesn’t Mary seem Interesting (with a capital I)?! Such a counterpoint to Rosamond – and I definitely want to know more about Fred.
    Words I now HAVE to find reasons for using in real life:
    merry andrew (I really want to call someone that !)
    purblind (I had that one too!)


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