BBAW Day 5, Keeping the freshness alive

Today is the last day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week and fittingly things come a full circle!

Today’s prompt: One of the unfortunate side effects of reading and blogging like rockstars seems to be a tendency toward burnout. How do you keep things fresh on your blog and in your reading?

Day-Five blogger burnout17

Just a couple of days ago, Chris of calmgrove was talking about the art of reviewing. While reading his post it struck me that the reason I blog is because I like figuring out why a book works or doesn’t work for me, and writing my thoughts down helps me get there.

And then it’s fun to know if the things that worked for me worked for another reader. Or perhaps those very same things irritated them! Or maybe they picked up on something which sailed right past me.

Or conversely, to read a book that strikes a chord with someone else, and to see how I respond to it.

I guess what I’m saying is that I read and write, first and foremost, for myself. I love everything that follows as a result of it—the connections, the new books, the ideas, the new ways of looking at things—but primarily, I’m doing this for myself. So if at any point of time, for whatever reason, I start contemplating this thing that I enjoy as just another box to put a tick against, I’ll know that it’s time to take a break!

As for keeping things fresh in my reading, I’ve found that if it’s possible to, reading according to the mood I’m in, really adds to my reading experience. Which is probably why I’m in the middle of multiple books simultaneously. And is also why I love having a humongous TBR—it’s easy to go back and pick up something that sounds about right for the moment. And why it can take me such a WHILE to finish any one book!

How about you? Do you feel the pressure to keep a steady stream of words flowing in and out of your bloggy-verse?

8 thoughts on “BBAW Day 5, Keeping the freshness alive

  1. I agree, absolutely, once blogging becomes a chore — even if you still love the reading that fuels the content — then it’s time to take a break, or even call a halt. I edited a magazine for many years, with a break of ten years, but after three decades it was ceasing to be fun, however efficient I’d got.

    I try to post regularly, with one scheduled every two days, but the frequency can vary depending on commitments. So, to keep up the enthusiasm I’m building in reading challenges, and so far it seems to be a good way to maintain motivation — fingers crossed!


  2. >>And then it’s fun to know if the things that worked for me worked for another reader. Or perhaps those very same things irritated them! Or maybe they picked up on something which sailed right past me.

    Huge yes to this. And it’s also great how different reviews will highlight a lot of different elements in the book, which gives me the chance to see if it’s something that will interest me or put me off. Which is great!

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  3. “I’m doing this for myself.” That’s a lovely mantra, Juhi!

    I am one year old here, but I had a two-month long blogging slump last year. I couldn’t find time to visit anybody’s blog. But when I returned, it felt like nothing had changed. That’s what I love about blogging and bloggers. Some of the fellow-bloggers were kind enough to e-mail, and check on me. This community is awesome. 🙂

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  4. I’ve just recently ( in recent months ) changed from intermittent, unfocussed blogging to a Monday morning posting. It has made all the difference. It’s given me a renewal and I have more purpose, plus I’ve discovered my friends appreciate the ‘knowing’. And, though I always said I didn’t have time to post, giving myself the incentive to have a post ready each Monday morning has actually been easier and I wonder why I didn’t do this sooner. I also feel much better about my blogging than before.


    • oh, that’s such a neat way of bringing some structure into the whole process! I’ve been playing with the idea of a Poetry Day (a simple sharing of a poem I like) and putting up two reviews in the span of a week. . .

      thank you so much for stopping by!


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