BBAW Day 4, Community Connection

Today’s #BBAW prompt is all about community connection: How do you stay connected to the community? Examples: social media, regular commenting, participation in blog events, etc. Tell us your faves!


I’m guessing only saying that I’m following your blog doesn’t really cut it, does it?

The thing is I’m not one for commenting unless I feel like I have something to say, and commenting is my primary way of staying connected to the community.

I feel like I should explain . . . Unless I think I can add to the conversation I think twice about commenting, and if I simply like what you’re saying without really having any thoughts about it, I will most likely “Like” the piece. . . Though I guess I could make more of an effort to find something to say. Does anyone else feel the same way?

I’ve just started being a wee bit active on Twitter though (say hi to me!) and I CAN see Twitter as a platform for quick exchanges of any and all sorts.

As for events, this is the first time that I’m participating in one and it has been a lot of fun. I’ve found books and blogs that are new to me and that I’m really looking forward to getting to know more of!

I’ve eyed Readalongs only from a distance but the whole reading together and discussing things as you go along sounds immensely appealing to me! Would anyone be interested in doing one for Middlemarch? I’ve read only about 25 pages so far and I can’t help thinking that it would be a very good candidate for reading along with a group of other bookish people! If anyone’s interested, let me know (comment here, or say hi on twitter or drop a mail at booksnooksncrannies at gmail dot com)—I’m willing to figure out the logistics et all!

I guess I’m nowhere near as active as a lot of other awesome bloggers that I know are.

Part of it is just because of who I am, and the way I re-charge and derive sustenance (I was so glad to see Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking pop up on a few lists the very first day of #BBAW—that book was one of the things that helped me in being ok with the way I am).

But part of it is also because of the fact that I have been a pretty erratic blogger for the longest time and have felt a bit ashamed in being really “out there”—it feels kind of one-sided, like I have so much fun when I visit your home but when you show up at mine, I’m always AWOL.

I’m hoping to change that as the year progresses so you should hear some more from me, I hope! In the meanwhile, if anything I’ve ever said has spoken to you in anyway, THANK YOU!

10 thoughts on “BBAW Day 4, Community Connection

  1. I feel the same way about comments, though I’m trying to get better at thinking of something interesting to say.

    I’d definitely be interested in participating in a Middlemarch read along. It’s one of my favourite books & I’ve exhausted all the people in my real life telling them how great it is 😉 I’ve been wanting to reread it recently & a read along would be a great way to do that.


  2. I think I’m tentatively interested in a Middlemarch readalong? How many weeks are you envisioning it would be? I’m finishing up a pretty massive readalong, so I’m thinking I’d like at least a little while free of readalonging before I get back into it. Also cause I want to remind myself of how writing reviews goes. I am so out of the habit!


    • What do you mean you want to remind yourself about how to write reviews? What about all the things already on your blog? Serious question ‘cus I’ve always enjoyed your particular brand of reviewing, and the way you bring your particular perspective to the table.

      P.S. Please scroll down to the last comment re Middlemarch readlaong.


  3. (*cheering from the back-bleechers!*) – I am in complete agreement re commenting – I don’t use any other form of social media to connect, so the blogs I follow and the comments I make are how I form links…

    I can definitely see the benefits of Twitter and Facebook, etc – but life is hectic – and as one half of a business partnership that has their phone glued to their hand on a 24/7 basis – it just isn’t feasible for us both to be tweeting/msging about non-work things – someone has to make money right?! lol.

    Would TOTALLY be up for Middlemarch Read-a-long…some impetus to start and finish, plus discussions would be really great!

    PS – I love your comments — they very often make my day 🙂


    • Yep. And I LIKE doing all the others I do–it kind of enhances my whole book reading experience in a way that being engaged in only this one activity wouldn’t. And I do see following and commenting to continue being my primary means of connecting!

      And your comment on my comment made MY day!! 😀 thank you!

      P.S. Please scroll down to the last comment re Middlemarch read along.


  4. Ladies!

    Re: Middlemarch–the book is divided into 8 parts with each part being equal to roughly 100 pages. I was thinking we could take one week for each part and post up our thoughts as and when we’re done. (A week, I thought, would provide us enough time to read, process, and write but I’d like to know what you think, of course!)

    If anyone feels like, they could also use Rohan Maitzen’s as a guide for ruminating, discussing, whatever. . .

    We could start the week of March 6th which would mean the read-along would continue for the whole of March (heh. we could hashtag it as #MarchAlong. Sorry!) and April. . . .

    I’d love to know your thoughts and ideas, so comment away!


    • That all sounds great – and the nerd part of me TOTALLY embraces the guide – it looks so interesting! Only I think (for me anyway) I don’t think I would be able to manage the week per part bit (sorry!) I could do a fortnight… ? per part? would that completely ruin all? (*ducks for cover*) Alternatively, if everyone else can manage the weeks – I can just follow it all, but a bit later?


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