The March Family Letters

A quick post to alert you to the fabulous The March Family Letters! It’s being distributed by Pemberley Digital (of the The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved fame) though the creative team and the production house is Cherrydale Productions. I have to say that much as I love Jane Austen’s books I never took to their modernized avatar by Pemberley Digital as readily as most of the world did.

BUT, Oh, BUT! The March Family Letters. . .  It’s different. I can see that I am going to gush about it!

The music score which starts each episode hits the right tone—it’s whimsical, upbeat and promises of good times to come.

Of the characters we have been introduced to so far, we have:

  • Jo March who is ebullient to the point of being almost obnoxious but is not really! Also, she reminds me of Katie Sackhoff whom I just loved in Battlestar Galacatica! (a series that I adore!)
  • Augustus Snodgrass aka us aka the unnamed viewers who are now a duke aka Jo March—you better bring Augustus Snodgrass back again!
  • And Amy March who was introduced in the episode aired today and whose self-centeredness (?) comes across as delightful. So far.

So far only three episodes have been aired so, whatcha waiting for?! Go on!

That’s what I’m thinking. I’d love to know *your* thoughts!

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