Letterpress – The Time Guzzler or Why There Is A Break From Regularly Scheduled Programming

I’ve been trying to finish Jo Walton’s Among Others but alas! I have given up! No NOT because of any inherent issue with the book but because I’ve  been whiling my time away playing a shiny new game called Letterpress!


Oh what a time guzzler! I have been locked in Letterpress battles for the past few days rendering me useless for anything else other than scrunching my eyebrows into my forehead, and hunching over the screen of my phone; eyes glazing, busily searching the recesses of my mind in an effort to come up with the looooooonnngggest words while stealing some of my opponent’s tiles at the same time!

I absolve myself of all guilt and lay all the blame fair and square on Loren Brichter. In my defense –

  • It is easily the best word game I’ve discovered in the past few years – a word game that demands both vocabulary and strategy
  • The interface is soooooo pretty!
  • I love the ‘tut’ sound the letters make
  • I’ve been whupping people’s behinds left-right-and-center!

Ok. Now that I’ve unburdened myself I hope I shall be able to make an effort to read rather than play on my commute back home today.Or not.

On a separate note that makes me want to ask – where / when does your reading happen? Mine is confined to slivers of times during commute or before falling in the bed. I’m longing for a vacation which involves nothing more than sun, sand and a few perfect reads!

P.S. I shall make Letterpress culpable for not organizing my thoughts and writing down the second part on comfort reads as well!

That’s what I’m thinking. I’d love to know *your* thoughts!

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