tana french and karen marie moning

The Faithful Place – Can we really shed our past? Is it not better to just embrace it rather than keep pushing against it? That to me seems to be the overarching theme of The Faithful Place. An extremely well crafted murder mystery, the pages of The Faithful Place pulsed with the life-blood of Liberties (the location of the story) – the location is very definitely a character of its own in this novel. So much of the characters’ actions (and non-actions) are shaped by The Faithful Place (the specific locality in Liberties where the story plays out) and all that it stands for in each of the character’s mind. In fact the book is so well-written that despite having guessed the identity of the culprit half-way through the book, I still wanted to plow through all of the details. Well-deserving of all the hype and hoopla surrounding it.

Fever Series – Whoa! Packs a punch. Un-put-down-able. I found the heroine a tad irritating and wanted to scream at her to grow up for almost the whole of the series. The hero – ahh, like all good escapist-fiction (and as one would expect from a former romance author) is totally sigh-worthy with nary a flaw in sight. The BEST part of the series though is that at the end of the series the delineation of who is the hero and who the villain is well blurred. If motive counts (and it DOES in my book), then well… would you still call the villain of the story the villain? Miss Moning mentioned she wanted her readers to see shades of grey all over and she has for certain accomplished that. All in all Karen Marie Moning has created an unforgettable world and I cannot wait to read more of Dani’s and/or MacKayla’s adventure!

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