a strange ennui

I’ve been trying to read Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s “Shadow of the Wind” for the past couple of weeks but find myself in a strange ennui. Mostly, I don’t feel like submerging myself into an atmosphere which is all gothic-y & super mysterious.

I know. A strange reason to not be able to read.

How I came by the book is also a somewhat strange story. I’d read about the book on The Millions and then promptly forgot the title. However, the “feel” of the book clung with me.

A few months later, I was browsing around in Crosswords and thinking it would be nice if I came across that book that I’d stumbled across on The Millions.

A first glance around the shelves didn’t reveal anything which triggered my memory. Browsing around, I came upon another book which hooked my interest –  a girl who is born in Australia, loves books & ends up working in a mysterious bookstore in New York. I’d started reading the book & had finished the first few pages & decided to buy it when I happened to glance up.

Perched on the edge, staring up at me was The Shadow of the Wind! Turns out that was the only copy that Crosswords had.

A little weird, isn’t it?

Anyhow, I just realized another thing – I find myself attracted to stories which feature other books/book lovers/writers. Probably the reason why I’ve asked for The Anthologist!

Getting back to my original point – has anyone else ever found themselves not being able to read a book because you didn’t feel like being subsumed by the particular mood of the book? (probably something I’ll write about another time – I am lost to the world around me when I read. I inhabit, totally & completely, the world of the book.

That’s what I’m thinking. I’d love to know *your* thoughts!

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